Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

Contact Form Features:

Super easy to use

  • Easy drag and drop contact form plugin interface to create your forms in seconds
  • You won’t have to code anything
  • Your forms will work right out of the box
  • Your forms will be fully responsive instantly

16 fields types to create exactly what you want

  • Name, email and Message ( default )
  • Single line text
  • Textarea
  • Radio
  • Date
  • Date Range
  • 5 Stars Rating
  • Dropdown
  • Checkboxes
  • Department
  • Website
  • password
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Slider
  • File Upload

Custom branding with your own form design

  • Create unlimited form
  • Sticky Forms
  • Open Form from text link, image etc
  • Use Image on Header
  • Create forms that will match your website identity instantly
  • Custom colors : a color picker is available for every elements in your contact form
  • Custom field labels
  • Custom Typography
  • Custom input fields : color, border color and much more
  • Custom submit button : background color. text / label
  • Custom CSS & JS fields
  • +350 icons for each fields
  • +700 Fonts from Google Fonts
  • Custom loading icon
  • Ability to block sender by IP address just in one click

Personalized email notifications & Personalized autoresponders

  • The email address of your visitor will automatically appear in the From field of the admin notification message
  • You can customize the name that will appear in the From field of the user notification message

Easy file uploads with progress bar

  • Your visitors can upload files on your server, singe or multiple upload
  • You can receive uploads as email attchments
  • Secure file size control is available
  • Secure file type control is available
  • A file download link is available in the notification message

Custom validation and error message

  • You can set your own validation message that will be displayed when the form is successfully submitted
  • You can set your own error messages when an error is found in the form

100% fully responsive forms

  • Effortless mobile and tablet devices adaptation
  • Increase mobile conversions on your website
  • Create a seamless user experience for your visitors

Strong spam protection to ensure the message is sent by a person

  • Prevent spam with 2 CAPTCHA options: image, New reCAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA v1
  • More than 5 reCAPTCHA skin